Building A Raised Garden Bed

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I have a small city size back yard and my husband and I want to put in a vegetable garden. How can I best utilized my space both for a garden and a some play area for my four year old boy?

Mary – Centerville, Texas

Basic Construction of a Garden Bed

The most popular type of gardens today are the raised garden beds, also called raised garden boxes. The perfect raised bed begins with deep, sturdy corner posts which can be a 4’x4’ square or 4’x8’ rectangle. Using two non-treated 2×6 boards (11” high), you close in this area to hold your new soil. The bottom of the box is lined with hardware cloth to prevent unwanted little critters from rampaging through the produce. A neat amenity is a cap railing made with lumber mitered in the corners, perfect for sitting on while weeding.

Inside the box, you could attach PVC pipes along the sides to hold hoops for bird netting or row covers. Think through how you will irrigate your raised bed gardens, either with an automatic system, soaker hose, or hand watering daily.

Depending on the size of your yard and how much space you want to allocate for your fresh vegetables, you can build several together allowing at least 18” between the boxes.

To built a raised planting bed will be the same type of construction leaving weep holes drilled every 4 feet that are angled upward a bit for water to flow out easily.

This is a fun and easy box to make, and over the longevity of the garden, you will find it easy to maintain.


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